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Søren Pagter

Søren Pagter is the head of the world famous photojournalism education at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX). Since 1998, he has taught and educated Danish and international photojournalists both at the school in Aarhus and at various workshops around the world, for instance in Nepal, Russia, Egypt, Armenia and Iran.

In his teaching, Søren Pagter’s focusses on the visual language as a tool to communicate important subject matters to the people. His aim is that the photojournalism must reach the audience to make them react, understand and feel.

In 2018, he published the text book The Essential Image, that defines the genres and methods within documentary photography. Just like it covers Søren Pagter’s thoughts on documentary photography as a medium.

Søren Pagter has been a part of many photographic jurys both in Denmark and around the world, for instance the POYi, The Lumix Festival, the POY in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Since 2014 and untill the programs were paused, Søren Pagter was a nominator for the Joop Swart Masterclass and the 6X6 Global Talent Program. He is nominating for the Leica Oscar Barnack Award and is a member of the exhibition committee at the Copenhagen Photo Festival.

Søren Pagter was educated as a press photographer in 1991 and still do some photographic projects and some assignments. In 2007 he won an honorable mention at Picture of The Year International and has since 1986 made a lot of photo exhibitions in Denmark and abroad, for instance in Gdansk and Moscow.